June 4, 2010


My friend Peter called me up to go for a walk as it was such  a beautiful day today. We went for a short walk along the river and then stopped to have tea at this little cafe. I have a hard time imagining what it's like to live on a boat considering that one can't really keep many things in there because of space issues. We have a common friend who has a houseboat. I'm hoping she'll take us on a ride one of these days.

June 3, 2010


Every time I visit Bombay, I try and make a point of shooting the city at night. My friend Sudharak and I walk around trying to experience the city differently. It's amazing how peaceful it is at night.

May 30, 2010


Anna and I have really gotten into gardening as we have a little garden where we live. We have really cleaned it up and tried to landscape it a little bit. We planted a few vegetables and they seem to be doing quite well. I just noticed today the edges of the leaves of the dwarf bean plant are turning white. I did research it quite a bit and have come to the conclusion that it might be calcium deficiency. I stopped by the garden center to get their advice and they suggested that it could be mildew but I really don't think that's the problem. I have now fed the plants loads of powdered egg shells, chicken shit and heaped some compost over the plants. I think this will help. If anyone has other ideas or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.